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The Girl Whose Luck Ran Out: Available Now!

Gayleen Froese is an LGBTQ writer of detective fiction living in Edmonton, Canada. Her novels include The Girl Whose Luck Ran Out and the upcoming sequel, The Man Who Lost His Pen, from DSP Publications, and Touch and Grayling Cross from NeWest Press. Her latest book, The Dominion, began serialized release on Yonder in January 2023.

Gayleen has appeared on Canadian Learning Television’s A Total Write-Off, won the second season of the Three Day Novel Contest on BookTelevision, and, as a singer-songwriter, showcased at festivals across Canada. She has worked as a radio writer and talk talk-show host, an advertising creative director, and a communications officer.

Gayleen lives in Edmonton with novelist Laird Ryan States in a home that includes dogs, geckos, snakes, monitor lizards, and Marlowe the tegu. When not writing, she can be found kayaking, photographing unsuspecting wildlife, and playing cooperative board games, viciously competitive card games, and tabletop RPGs.