Gayleen Makes Things

Gayleen writes novels. Gayleen makes music.

Gayleen has published two novels in her Anna and Collie series, Touch, and Grayling Cross through NeWest Press.

She has also published a mystery for children and adults called What The Cat Dragged In, with The Asp.

In 2007 Gayleen won Book Television's 3 Day Novel Contest reality show, and shortlisted in the overall international competition with her novel The Dominion.

Gayleen is currently seeking literary representation.

As a musician, Gayleen played showcases across Canada including NXNE, and was a featured artist on CBC Radio's Definitely Not The Opera. Gayleen's first three albums are currently out of print, but she is working on a new one.

Gayleen has a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson.

Gayleen lives in an old house in Edmonton with her best friend and a small zoo's worth of animals.

She is also a communications professional working in municipal government, and a mighty fine card player.